We have been trying to eat a mostly plant based diet for over 15 months now. We have probably had about 2 lbs. total of any animal products in this time frame. We eliminated milk and dairy early. We attribute our early success in adopting this to several factors:
  • Recognizing that a healthier lifestyle was important to both of us, and supporting each other in this quest. we have talked about this for years.
  • Planning what to eat, often when you haven’t thought it out, you will grab something that is not healthy, the cheap fast food options  are limited. We will share the options we have found.
  • On a positive note, there are plenty of  good places to eat out with your family and friends.
  • It is extremely cost effective! Our food budget has been reduced by at least 50%. Even when we buy what we considered “pricey” veggies like avocado or asparagus, fancy olives or artichokes, fresh fruits etc. It was still so much less. And your cart will be overflowing, it is amazing!
  • Research! We looked at local restaurants, cookbooks, blogs etc. to see how people were making vegan dining interesting.


The beginning


Marian and I started down this path of eating healthier after a wonderful class at church discussing how eating mass quantities of meat and dairy products add to our cholesterol.  The challenge of eating vegan on a daily basis is to have variety and also the right combination of tastes and texture of food so not to miss having the meat.  I can honestly say I only miss meat on a rare occasion and feel wonderful.  My total colesterol fell from a total of 237 to 117 in about 6 months.

Here, we’ll talk about how we did this and the journey we are on and how you can eat both at home, on the road, and at restaurants to be healthy.