Product review: zipfruit


Once You open the stylish packaging of “zipfruit” you get a snack size serving of tasty crispy freeze dried goodness.

by Oregon Freeze Dry, the world’s largest custom freeze dryer, ZipKitchen is providing a fresh take on the snack world. Thanks to their experience and technology, this new line of freeze-dried ZipFruit preserves the natural essence of the original fruit, ensuring the taste and quality remains intact.

I liked them, but hope for more exotic flavors in the future like raspberries, peaches, nectarines etc. I got a free sample so I do not know how much they cost, it is a smallish amount. Just right for a quick snack or to feed a child. They were easy to open.

I heard they are available at 7-Eleven’s nationwide so should be easy for y’all to try them for yourselves.

“Due to the freeze-dried technology that Oregon Freeze Dry bestows, and the fact that all of their products are sourced, freeze-dried, packaged, and shipped from one location, helps to guarantee that the nutrition and quality of their products remain at its peak. In fact, unlike traditional dried-fruit which concentrates all of the sugars of the fruit, and is often infused with preservatives, freeze-dried products are almost nutritionally identical to the original, minus the extra water weight.
With only 35-45 calories per serving, no additives, colors, or flavorings, and a 15-month shelf-life to boot, this is definitely a snack that I would feel good about eating myself, as well as for feeding the little ones in my life.”  from their site. The photo links to their site for more info.





How often will I write a review of a restroom stop? Buc-ees is a gas station, gift shop, cookbook store, fudgery, deli, etc. They have lots of jerky, they also have a lot of vegetarian options, salads, popcorn, fruits, pickles, sodas etc. But they are on the main drive between Dallas and Houston (Madisonville on HWY 45)  and have the cleanest bathrooms with the most stalls, really, it is just an experience and a relief destination. We stop every time we drive to Houston, Both directions!


As they say ” You can wait, until you get to Buc-ees”


Restaurant Review: Ali Baba Mediterranean Richardson TX


I really love this place, My favorite product is the chickpea eggplant, bell pepper sauté. I love the hummus and pita, the roasted cauliflower which has something sprinkled on it so it is crunch, amazing falafel, greek salads etc. Their lunch buffet is the best, and very very busy, filled with business men and families. They have other Dallas are location, but I have only been to the Richardson one. Plenty of great vegetarian selection and stuff for the carnivores in your family too.

This from their website:


Experience Dallas’ best Mediterranean and immerse all your senses with flavors from afar! The Mediterranean region, abundant in its diversity and unique ingredients, allows us to blend the cultures of the people and tastes of these lands to create the fare that is sought out by so many. Ali Baba offers tantalizing dishes made from fresh and flavorful ingredients of this region. These distinctly bold, healthy and delicious flavors are as unique as the regions that inspired them. Our all-you-can-eat lunch buffet gives you the freedom to experiment and discover new favorite dishes every Monday-Friday and delectable seated dining in the evenings and on the weekends.

2103 N. Central Expressway
Richardson, TX 75080

International Housewares Show


Opening day, international housewares showIn Chicago at the International Housewares Show – very fun looking at all the new gadgets and appliances.  Seems like the trend is definitely towards healthier eating… some vendors figured that out and others are still pitching the same old diets that has got us into trouble.

We’ve seen some very nice new steamers, juicers, rice cookers, dehydrators, and wheat grinders.  I was surprised at the amount of juicers and dehydrators we’ve seen.  We’ll talk about several of these over the next few days.

We are looking forward to getting back to some home cooking.

We’re Back!


20120310-192214.jpgIt’s been a while since we wrote anything on the blog. Our schedules have been nuts. We are back to being regular again. It’s not that we haven’t been vegetarian but just busy.

This week we’re at the International Housewares Show in Chicago. The best restaurant ever is a Polish buffet in Chicago on North Milwaukee called the Red Apple. Easy to have an all veggie meal and all the most amazing food.

I couldn’t help myself and had to have a couple meat dishes but I’ll careful later…

We eat here every time we’re in Chicago…simple, tasty and everything is fresh, run by a Polish family. All the food is like my grandmother cooked.
That means sauerkraut, beets, salads of many kinds, potatoes, carrots, dried fruit compotes, and the incredible hot cucumber soup Marian is enjoying.

Trying to figure out the recipes here, after many returns to the buffet, so incredibly sad that we have no more room!

We will be also talking about what we’ve seen at the IHA show that a vegetarian kitchen needs.


St Catherines Downtown Farm Market


Pretty stuff on display at the local covered open air market, but in late May not a lot was truly local, just the honey, soaps, bread bakers, food vendors etc. I was looking for the fiddle head ferns, one of my favorite spring treats in Canada, but did not see any. I wonder if it was already too late for them? Here is a picture of the fiddle heads. Cooked up with garlic and butter or olive oil, these are so amazing! A taste combination like asparagus and touch of bitterness like chard. Plus, they just look really cool. We used to get them at the Market in Kingston every week when in season.

Dinner in Fredericksburg



Walking in Fredericksburg

Der Lindenbaum Outside 1

After a long analysis of what was available for dinner we decided on Der Lindenbaum.  The reviews were very positive and it was less than a 10 minute walk from the hotel.

The outside of the restaurant looked promising but I think you are getting a sense from the tone of my writing that it was a disappointment.

I don’t want to be negative but….we’ve eaten in Germany and the tastes here were off.  We had the sauerkraut, red cabbage, white bean soup, and potato salad along with the sausage sampler… I couldn’t help myself…


Der Lindenbaum Inside

First of all the service was terrible.  We didn’t get any bread for the table.  A German rye bread would have been nice or for the waiter to come back to see if the food was alright and if we needed any more water etc.

The portions were tiny! It’s as if they used a small ice cream scooper to dish it out.  This stuff is cheap and they could have easily double the portions without loosing money.

The sauerkraut had way too many caraway seeds in it (Marian said that it was 5 times as much as needed overwhelming the taste), the potato salad was way too sweet and was basically mashed potatoes with onions in it, and the sausages were ones that you could buy at Sam’s Club or Costco.  Nothing special…what a waste if I’m going to eat meat once in a while I want it much better than this.

The soup was the only good thing but calling it German would be a stretch.  It was spicy and more like a chili but without the tomatos and had vinegar in it.  It was tasty.  Everything had meat in it.

I don’t want to be negative….but stay away from this one!!

Staying in Fredericksburg


This is a nice town and surrounded by vineyards and the sport here appears to be wine tasting…lot’s of motorcycles.  Restaurants look pretty good with a clear German influence.  We’re looking at the reviews trying to decide where to go.  We’ll talk about that later.

Inn at Barons Creek

Our romantic getaway has us staying in a hotel that also has cottages called Inn on Barons Creek.  I snagged one of the cottages of course impressing Marian with my sensitivity and thoughtfulness.


San Antonio – Riverwalk





As you can see we are traveling today and in San Antonio. We strolled the beautiful Riverwalk this morning and last night. Great place for people watching. Since we don’t drink it’s a little amusing to see people avoiding getting wet.
The challenge was finding a place to eat. It’s mostly Tex-Mex or steak/fish places. We found the “The Original Mexican Restaurant” that had a vegetarian selection.
We had the veggy fajitas and some of the best borracho beans we’ve had. The borraco beans are pinto beans (some of my favs) and were spicy with lots of pepper. Not for the sensitive palate. We will try making these at home.
Highly recommended! The adventure continues to Fredericksburg later today. We might fall off the wagon to try some very tasty German sausages.