Protein Bread


The lovely ladies over at Alvarado Street Bakery sent me some loaf samples of their California style Complete Protein bread and Diabetic bread and included a note that said eat right away.

Richard, Zack and I all tried them. The texture of the sprouted wheat is tasty and substantial. It makes amazing toast and sandwiches. We put some home made raspberry freezer jam on ours and fresh tomatoes and avocados on the sandwich. Both were excellent. 

I make my own bread and I still really liked this and will buy it. They have lots of other sprouted grain products that I will give a try, Particularly the rye one, that sounds interesting, doesn’t it? The products seem to be available all around the U.S. They have pretty impressive distribution.

Alvarado Street Bakery’s mission is to give superior service in providing the finest quality baked goods to its valued customers nationwide by utilizing a worker owned and managed cooperative business structure and to strive to use whole grain and organic ingredients, wherever possible, to support sustainable agricultural practices and healthy living. Look up on the web- here

Trumped by Turnips


Ahh turnips, so sweet and crispy, I love them raw. My mom used to peel fresh vegetables and hand them to us raw to eat, including odd ones like potatoes, turnips and even raw corn from the field. The closer you are to the the soil where it was grown the more you do this, I guess?

Well I bought a whole box of turnips from the farmer’s market cheap! like 8 bucks for 40 lbs. I could not give them away! Perhaps I am the lonely only soul who loves them this much. I even told folks to try them raw, after a day they began to stink, pretty badly and my husband tossed them out, comparing them to death and stinky feet.

He said not even for a good deal would he waste the fridge space. Alas poor turnips, I knew you well—I can only sneak you in a baggie at a time. I toss them in soup all the time along with parsnips, which they also hate. I think my father liked steamed turnips, or mama, I remember eating them cooked as a kid too.

Rainbow cauliflowers


I didn’t taste these at the produce show, But I have bought them before. We are such foodies that we will try most any vegetable that is new. Love the color on these. They taste the same and cook the same as regular cauliflower but add such pizazz to your salads.

One of my favorite cauliflower sales is a cold crunchy one. You just take the cauliflower. make flowerettes and then slice them about 1/4″ thick. Toss the slices with ranch dressing and some curry powder to taste. It is a great make ahead sale because it can sit in the fridge even overnight and just tastes better the next day. With these fancy cauliflowers it would be a vibrant white, green, and lavendar!

Mother’s Day Waffle


Just a quick pic of the beautiful strawberry waffle Zack made me for Mother’s day. I had actually messed it up a bit by spreading the cream around. Yes, There is a little whipped cream….He had all the strawberry slices lined up point out around the rim of the circle like a rose. It was lovely and tasty too! He just used fresh sliced strawberries and pancake mix.

Pico Tomato Salsa Delight!


When the tomatoes are perfection and the local Texas sweet onions crispy and delicious, they only need a dab of spice and salt to be a flavor that can be so addictive that you just keep coming back to the bowl for more. Look how intensely red this is!

I like to hand chop this. I know, it takes more time but this is so simple, and I want the tomato and onion and jalapeno pieces to all be perfect tiny squares.

The proportions are to your taste but I like this–

  • 5 large dead ripe tomatoes,
  • 1 jumbo sweet onion ,
  • 2 green jalapeños.
  • 1 large bunch of fresh cilantro and the
  • juice of 3-4 limes.
  • add garlic salt and other spices to taste (or one VeggyMart Salsa/Pico Seasoning packet)

Hand chop the onions, tomatoes and jalapeño ( make the pepper tinier and remove the stem and seeds). Chop the cilantro and juice the limes. Start with three limes and  the fourth if it need more tartness.Throw it all in a bowl. sprinkle liberally with garlic salt.

This is only as good as the summer tomatoes and onions. This is still an ok recipe in the fall, but not as addictive as this week. Try to get the farmers at the farmers market to let you taste the tomatoes and get whichever tastes sweetest.



Croissant Breakfast Casserole


So decadent, not even healthy but Richard took pictures of this so here you go. Ta dahh! Croissant Breakfast casserole.

My friend had a few bags of leftover mini croissants from her daughter’s wedding reception. Getting a tad stale, already sliced. I dipped each one on both sides in a mixture of:

Almond milk, beaten egg, cinnamon, 2 T. sugar, a splash of vanilla extract.

Layered in a rimmed cookie sheet sprayed with pam and baked for 20 minutes at 375 degrees. It was really tasty and decadent!


Cherry Berry Patch Pie


If the crust is excellent, this is a fun rustic way to make a pie, roll your favorite pie crust 5 or 6 inches large than the diameter of your pie plate. Pour your fillings inside and flop the pie crust casually toward the center1 /5 of the edge at at time. folding as you go. leave the center open for venting.

This pie has one can of commercial lite cherry pie filling, one can of drained canned sour cherries and 1 large container of raspberries, No extra sugar other than the first pie filling and it is tart, and has lots of crust.



Quickest Fancy Salad for Company


Quickest salad ever:

Baby arugula lettuce (pre washed style)

Salt and pepper

Fresh lemon juice and  Ariston Lemon Olive Oil

Toss the leaves with some olive oil. Squeeze a little fresh lemon juice, season with salt and pepper. Super quick.

This is so tasty and Fresh, Perfect for summer parties and even a picnic! Love it, now I will need a case–