product review: Wellness mat, your sore feet will thank you-


I bought myself one of these wellness mats for my kitchen over a year ago and then I bought a second one, It alleviates so much back and knee pain from standing on my ceramic tile floor and chopping veggies for hours.

This picture is of someone else’s, mine are three times this long. I use them to make the “L” shape of all my countertops where I knead bread, chop veggies and even under the sink where I do dishes.

I am so crazy about them! Every woman who stands in my kitchen adores them. My first was the plain surface and the second one has a design, It is more about the utility for me. My husband bought me a smaller one from another company and there just isn’t enough padding. so it is under the stove. I probably will replace it soon with one that matches better.

I saw Cat Cora stand on this for over an hour in spike heels without even a dent. Amazing. I know she doesn’t weigh that much being so petite and all, but still, spiky heels, really spiky.

I like the plain industrial style, my kitchen is not that fancy, but now they are making covers for them and more patterns and colors, whoopee!

Treat yourself to one.  Really. You. Will. Thank. Me.




Neato Magneto


This magnetic knife guard by Bisbell MagMates was so easy to use, works like a charm, comes in different sizes and lovely bright colors, is customizable with stickers and trim-able to fit your exact knives. Great for those times when you need to take your good knives with you or even if you store yours in a kitchen drawer. Got these to cover some great new knives I got at the IHA show. These really work.

Carrot Keeper Box


Brightly Colored kid friendly and encourages more carrot eating! What’s not to love!  OF course, I am all for peeling the big ‘ole fresh healthy carrot yourself to put in it. LIke these-


If you only eat those “baby” peeled carrots you have forgotten what real carrots tasted like when we were kids.




Stainless Steel Spice Box part Deux


Here I am starting to fill my spice tiffin. I used my handy dandy P-touch labeler to make my own labels for this, It works! It was easy to fill all my little cups. Unfortunately all these spices I bought at the Indian Grocery stores and they come in pretty big bags, about half a bag fit in this cup. The truth is I will probably never use all these spices fast enough for them to stay fragrant and potent. I am going to give away some of the leftover spice to my friend who bought 7 boxes for her family who also love Indian food and need spices. I should stress that I am planning to do all the rest of my  spices that I do not use everyday this same way?

Stainless Spice Box


Here is Anupy and her wonderful stainless steel box, I have so many spices that I ended yup buying 6, I may need a few more. BUt imagine the convenience of being able to find all your Indian spices or Chili fix in’s or baking spices all in one spot. Plus, I like Anupy and her cookbook, I have already made several dishes in my crockpot from her recipes. These are her spices, Next post is my pics–

Oh yeah, These are available from Indian as Apple Pie. Also can’t wait for her new Indian Vegan recipe book!



Review: Cookina Barbecue Cooking Sheet





I had opportunity to try this new grill product that I got at the IHA show in Chicago. This is a non stick high heat barbecue cooking sheet for your grill. I wanted to make homemade flatbread. I found a simple dough recipe that I adapted and used water, salt, yogurt, white and whole wheat flours and yeast. I raised the dough and then flattened it out like a pizza with my hands.

I took it out to put on my big green egg  but it was so unwieldy so I decided to try the non-stick sheet. I unrolled it from the box, rinsed it off , dried it and add my dough. I cut one of the sheets in half, the other one worked just fine left whole.carried it out to my big green egg which was about 500 degrees.

The dough cooked for 3 minutes, flipped it over with my spatula, 3 minutes more and finished. The finished bread released easily and completely. It had been a sticky dough which also patted out easily on the sheet for the second one.

I used it full size. It is a generous black,rectangle shape, but it can be trimmed to fit your grill, if it is round like mine.

Here are my photos, the fingers of my gloves are dyed yellow from the turmeric in the potato curry I made to go with this!-

Making Naan using the Cookina Sheet

Making Naan using the Cookina Sheet

Making Naan using the Cookina Sheet

Flipping  Cookina sheet with naan in the Big Green EggSuccessful homemade naan



  • Reusable and reversible
  • Oil andfat-free cooking: Allows you to cook without fat or oil for a much healthier lifestyle
  • Your food is tastier, lower in calories and retains all its vitamins and taste
  • Holds no odor or flavor from previous use
  • Easy to clean: No need to scrub or scour, easy wipe or wash clean
  • Easily cut to size
  • Keeps food tender, juicy and tasty!

Here is their product video