How often will I write a review of a restroom stop? Buc-ees is a gas station, gift shop, cookbook store, fudgery, deli, etc. They have lots of jerky, they also have a lot of vegetarian options, salads, popcorn, fruits, pickles, sodas etc. But they are on the main drive between Dallas and Houston (Madisonville on HWY 45)  and have the cleanest bathrooms with the most stalls, really, it is just an experience and a relief destination. We stop every time we drive to Houston, Both directions!


As they say ” You can wait, until you get to Buc-ees”


Restaurant Review: Ali Baba Mediterranean Richardson TX


I really love this place, My favorite product is the chickpea eggplant, bell pepper sauté. I love the hummus and pita, the roasted cauliflower which has something sprinkled on it so it is crunch, amazing falafel, greek salads etc. Their lunch buffet is the best, and very very busy, filled with business men and families. They have other Dallas are location, but I have only been to the Richardson one. Plenty of great vegetarian selection and stuff for the carnivores in your family too.

This from their website:


Experience Dallas’ best Mediterranean and immerse all your senses with flavors from afar! The Mediterranean region, abundant in its diversity and unique ingredients, allows us to blend the cultures of the people and tastes of these lands to create the fare that is sought out by so many. Ali Baba offers tantalizing dishes made from fresh and flavorful ingredients of this region. These distinctly bold, healthy and delicious flavors are as unique as the regions that inspired them. Our all-you-can-eat lunch buffet gives you the freedom to experiment and discover new favorite dishes every Monday-Friday and delectable seated dining in the evenings and on the weekends.

2103 N. Central Expressway
Richardson, TX 75080

Lunch at Hacienda Ranch – Frisco TX


We think this is the best deal going for a healthy lunch. We order the Fajita Light and it comes with only vegetables with their very tasty seasoning on a sizzling platter. Very generous portion, we normally share it.

We also love the salsa and can’t get enough. Marian has them punch the frequent diner’s card. When we walk in its like the old TV show Cheers where they yell “Marian”

We highly recommend Hacienda Ranch in any of their locations for lunch or dinner!  We frequent the one in Frisco, TX the most.

We’re Back!


20120310-192214.jpgIt’s been a while since we wrote anything on the blog. Our schedules have been nuts. We are back to being regular again. It’s not that we haven’t been vegetarian but just busy.

This week we’re at the International Housewares Show in Chicago. The best restaurant ever is a Polish buffet in Chicago on North Milwaukee called the Red Apple. Easy to have an all veggie meal and all the most amazing food.

I couldn’t help myself and had to have a couple meat dishes but I’ll careful later…

We eat here every time we’re in Chicago…simple, tasty and everything is fresh, run by a Polish family. All the food is like my grandmother cooked.
That means sauerkraut, beets, salads of many kinds, potatoes, carrots, dried fruit compotes, and the incredible hot cucumber soup Marian is enjoying.

Trying to figure out the recipes here, after many returns to the buffet, so incredibly sad that we have no more room!

We will be also talking about what we’ve seen at the IHA show that a vegetarian kitchen needs.


Restaurant Review: Stratos Greek Taverna



2907 West Northwest Highway, Dallas, TX 75220-6217 (214) 352-3321 ‎

Granted I did decide to eat here because of the once a month Harem Night “open mike” style belly dance floor show. I checked out the reviews and noticed people liked the food. There are many reviews online.

We arrived at 7 p.m., mixed group of 8 ladies. Some eat meat some don’t, some will do eggs and dairy, some don’t.

We started with the large appetizer sampler which had greek filo pastries with spinach and feta, another kind had mostly cheese. There was hummus, pita, kalamata olives, that yogurt cucumber dip ( which I do not want to spell), dolmathes, ( stuffed grape leaves) lemon sauce and some Feta chunks. We also ordered the flaming cheese and yelled “OPA!” when it was lit.

Everyone liked all the appetizer food, now really, how often does that happen? I went on to order vegetable souvlaki, which came with rice pilaf and some great sauteed veggies. I think we ordered more pit and olives too. It was all good. our server was attentive. Because we ordered so many appetizers to try, it wasn’t inexpensive. I am sure there are ways to make it more affordable.

The ladies in the floor show varied from beginners to professionals, everyone seemed well rehearsed, costumed beautifully. The audience was respectful and very supportive.

The only unfortunate thing was that they had huge “sports bar” style TV’s everywhere. Some were playing baseball directly over dancers’ heads. I complained but no one seemed to know how to turn them off. Since the audience and the whole restaurant appeared to be family and friends of the dancers that night, I thought this was sad for them. I was assured later that this is not the usual backdrop.

I found plenty of high quality vegetarian options, enjoyed myself and I will go again–


Lebanese Vegetarian Food in Canada


We ate at this restaurant in Ontario and then enjoyed it so much we ate some more the next day from their stand at the Farmer’s market. I had a fabulous falafel pita stuffed with lettuce, tomato, cucumber and hummus on homemade pita bread. Richards had onion and hot sauce added. we shared some lovely lentil soup, It was distinctively flavored with Cilantro and Lemon. Lovely!

They had trays and trays of homemade baklava and treats. The owner was congenial and happy to answer questions. With friends around the table, a lovely meal.

Oh So Hot Carribean Chow!


In Saint Catherines, ON  We ate this amazingly hot Caribbean food from a vendor in the Market. It was mostly Potatoes and peas in a sauce over rice. But the hot sauce could take my eyeballs off.This picture was after my first bite, and I am already crying, “lit up”, as they say in the spice eaters world. Locals were eating it with the spice. Who knew?

I was looking around and laughing and forgot that the red stuff was not a chunk of tomato. This was the spiciest thing either Richard or I  ever ate in Canada, this includes Thai and Indian restaurants in Kingston and Ottawa.

Noodlewave in Mckinney


We like this local Thai restaurant. They always make some lovely tofu stuff for us. Here is a link to their website which shows nice pictures of their food. They are on the Hwy 75 frontage road heading North just past Eldorado. It is a very pretty restaurant, artsy decor.

We usually have Vegetable Panang Tofu  and Tofu Pad Thai. Unless we are with friends, Then we get more selections. Plenty of stuff for the meat eaters in your family too. We will have to add pictures of our food next time we eat there.


On the edge… Mr Tofu Korean Restaurant


We were at the Asian market “99 Ranch” in Plano and always interested in the aisle with Asian cooking items and odd looking pots.  There was one that was a very thick ceramic pot with 2 lids.  One fits on an inside lip and then a cover that fits on the outside lid like a normal pot.

It looked like it would hold about a quart and the label said casserole – warm gently using hot water. Hmmmmm… what could that be used for …. Marian and I mused about this one while we bought our usual veggies.

Being hungry after a tough bout of pushing a shopping cart around we decided to try a local restaurant in the plaza called Mr. Tofu.  Thinking of course that it would be a mostly vegetarian place.

We were wrong, it was a Korean restaurant.

It took us a while to figure out the menu since this was our first time we’ve eaten Korean food since we visited Seoul Korea many years ago.  We picked the vegetable soup that had tofu and of course vegetables and we decided to split it.  It was on the menu for $7.99

Guess what… it came out in the mystery ceramic pot… and the food was excellent!!  Also the soup came with a bunch of small dishes of pickled seaweed, kimchi, rice cakes (our favorite), seasoned potatoes etc.  I didn’t care for the seaweed.

The soup came with rice and it was plenty of food for both of us.  We are definitely coming back to this one.  The restaurant was immaculate with pleasant (hard to understand) staff that had patience in explaining  what things were.  There are plenty of tasty looking meat dishes for the non-vegetarians.

Go and experiment! What’s the worst that can happen… you won’t like it?  This is definitely a 4 star

Lunch at Fuzzy’s Taco in Mckinney 5/25


This was an interesting choice for lunch today, the weather cooperated and we ate outdoors. I had a grilled veggie salad. The base of the salad was lettuce, tomatoes, chips, cilantro etc. and the grilled vegetable part was not what I expected at all of “grilled vegetables” It was a medley of shredded carrots, shredded zucchini and black beans. It was odd, but tasty. It would make a nice taco filling, they offered it that way too. The salad plus a side of guacamole and borracho beans came to around 10 dollars.

3190 South Central Expressway #570, McKinney – (469) 952-2252