Book Review: Sexy Vegan Cookbook


While I understand that this man has you tubes and a blog about Vegan cooking, I just have a problem with how hard he tries to be offensive. I do not want a lot of profanity in my cookbooks. The recipes also used a ton of tempeh, and I am just moving away from the soy analogs ( mock meat). They were helpful when We first started but now I just don’t need the crutch. I don’t drink soy milk, I do use some tofu, about once a week or once every two weeks. Richard makes soy milk hot chocolate. mostly every day and buys it at Starbucks as well.

I guess we are more about beans and quinoa for our protein needs.

Stainless Spice Box


Here is Anupy and her wonderful stainless steel box, I have so many spices that I ended yup buying 6, I may need a few more. BUt imagine the convenience of being able to find all your Indian spices or Chili fix in’s or baking spices all in one spot. Plus, I like Anupy and her cookbook, I have already made several dishes in my crockpot from her recipes. These are her spices, Next post is my pics–

Oh yeah, These are available from Indian as Apple Pie. Also can’t wait for her new Indian Vegan recipe book!



Book Review : Jams and Jellies in 30 Minutes


I have eaten much more nut butter of every kind since we started this diet. The easiest of breakfasts, one thick piece of whole grain toast with some peanut, almond or other nut butter. Then dollop just a smidge of a really powerful jam.  I like fancy jams. I like all kinds of jams, even the spicy Jalapeno pepper jellies.

I Love less sugar, brighter color and fresher taste of freezer jams. It is getting to be that time of year again, There were lovely strawberries in the Farmer’s market fresh from some place father South in Texas. Last year I made lots of Sugar free Strawberry jam with this product-

Works great. I also made strawberry mixed with Peach. If you make your own jams you can make your own flavor combos.

I remember years ago (1980’s) when they introduced kiwi fruit to the South U.S. I was living in Hartsville, SC and no one was buying them. They are pretty strange looking, you must admit!

Anyways, being an adventuresome chef, I bought all they had in the store when they went on 75% off. Then I made kiwi freezer jam for my friends for Christmas. Later they all gave it back untasted. Ha ha!  Too strange for Southerners with it’s lime green and black specks.

Well, Back to the book, yummy recipes, lots of photos. I am going to make the Lime and Ginger jelly, made easy with limeade concentrate thawed and a few limes zested!  Apricot and  Pineapple jam has lots of happy memories from my childhood.

If you make these small batches you can eat them up in a few weeks, freeze a little or share with friends. Great book! Come make jam with me if you live nearby and we can share the stash–


Book Review- Easy Vegan


Every recipe looks great. Nice gift format, pretty,  pretty book with tons of pictures. The appetizer selection alone would make a great party. These recipes have a fun, modern sense of style and taste. Plus they are attractive for parties.  I’d say less than 10% is stuff I’ll never make. That is amazing!

  • Sesame Sweet potato wedges with Peanut Sauce
  • Vegetable Pot stickers with Spicy Orange dipping Sauce
  • Falafel with Avocado and Tomato salsa
  • Indian Vegetable fritters with Green Chutney
  • Lebanese hot red pepper and Walnut Dip
  • Deep Fried Yellow Bean Balls with Thai sticky sauce

    Easy Vegan

  • Lentil and Carrot Pate

And lots more of the starters, plus soups, salads, entrees, desserts, etc. Going to dive into these recipes ASAP!

Book Review– The Breakaway Cook by Eric Gower


First off, this is a lovely book with matte pages and glorious photos. It has a Japanese flavor to many of the “Global Flavor boosters” he calls for in his recipes; umeboshi plum vinegar,ginger, galangal, macha tea powder, miso and some Middle Eastern ones like pomegranate  molasses, and even habanero chiles.

While not all vegetarian, there were many plant based recipe ideas. There are plenty of innovative ideas for the experimental home cook. From starters and salads such as Edamame Salad with Pickled Ginger, Macha salt and Roasted almonds to the Rosemary Plum sorbet. The photos alone would be a nice addition to any cookbook lover’s library.

Book Review: Party Bouquets and Appetizer and Snack Bouquets


These are both fun fun fun! Beyond the usual fruit bouquet you can pay to have delivered and off into creative nirvana! The party bouquets include tons of instructions on forming flower shapes from all kinds of fruits and candies and the appetizer one does the same for veggies and breadsticks. 12 dollars each for entertaining magic! A bargain for the ideas. When you are vegetarian, why not bring these whenever asked, They look spectacular, you’ll get the praise and most importantly, you will have food you want to eat!

Book Review : Veganomicon by Isa Chandra Moskowitz


This is the reference book for many vegans, Just a few color pictures, and tons of information written in a witty manner. I use it as a resource all the time. How do you make vegan masa dough for tamales? it is in there. What to substitute for eggs in pancake batter–in there too. Once you are serious about the lifestyle this is a big help. It does presume upon your basic cooking knowledge.  I give it a 4.5 out of 5.

The recipes have handy features that include tools you’ll need and total cooking time featured prominently at the beginning. The recipes cover all kinds of cuisines and suit all tastes. The menu section in the back sorts the recipes in many interesting ways, from lowfat to under 30 minutes.

Great looking and tasting soups and deserts, this book has it all. The author has gone on to write many more cookbooks, so if you like this one there are even more!

Book Review: Flying Apron Gluten-free and Vegan Baking Book



I was actually reading this for Spencer, my friend who needs the gluten free part- Then I read the title more closely, Vegan? hmmm. It is one of our best sellers in gluten free books.

I am not sure about all these gluten free flours, some are difficult to find. I have had some success at the Indian stores for Garbanzo bean flour (besan) and sorghum flour. I am thinking I would make buckwheat flour , quinoa and brown rice flours in my blentec blender .

This bakery does not use refined and processed flours and starches (thickeners) in their recipes. They are using natural sugars as well, agave syrup, maple syrup, dried fruits, fruit juice concentrates, etc. One recipe called for 2 C of agave syrup! That stuff seems pretty expensive in a recipe like this.

If you do not want to do it all the time, I noticed that there is a new gluten free bakery offering items at our local farmers market in Mckinney.

I will try some of these recipes, testing them on Spencer! I am not such a purist and may buy a bag of gluten-free flour. I have read good reviews of the King Arthur gluten free blend, have to see if it is at whole foods.

Book Review: Cooking Light Way to Cook Vegetarian


“Way To cook Vegetarian” has categories like grains and pastas, eggs and dairy, legumes and vegetables, tofu and tempeh and more.

If you are not thinking of going all the way vegan, but want to start quickly eating healthier, this is a great resource. It has a broad definition of vegetarian and includes eggs and dairy. However, there are vegan recipes that are clearly indicated.  There are lots of pictures and the recipes are lovely, like you would expect from the Cooking Light magazine folks.

Many of the recipes include the helpful technique photos. for example there are 7 photos on the making falafel page. Pretty intense for a big big book that is only 30 dollars.

The recipes use both standard ingredients and some unusual things that will be fun to try. I love to try new things. You would thing being vegan would limit that, but a whole new world of vegetables has opened up!