Trumped by Turnips


Ahh turnips, so sweet and crispy, I love them raw. My mom used to peel fresh vegetables and hand them to us raw to eat, including odd ones like potatoes, turnips and even raw corn from the field. The closer you are to the the soil where it was grown the more you do this, I guess?

Well I bought a whole box of turnips from the farmer’s market cheap! like 8 bucks for 40 lbs. I could not give them away! Perhaps I am the lonely only soul who loves them this much. I even told folks to try them raw, after a day they began to stink, pretty badly and my husband tossed them out, comparing them to death and stinky feet.

He said not even for a good deal would he waste the fridge space. Alas poor turnips, I knew you well—I can only sneak you in a baggie at a time. I toss them in soup all the time along with parsnips, which they also hate. I think my father liked steamed turnips, or mama, I remember eating them cooked as a kid too.

United Fresh 2012 musings…


Well, the three of us learned several encouraging things at this convention.

  • There are some wonderful companies out there working hard to ensure the safety of our fresh vegetable supply, since that is so much of what we eat around here, that makes us happy.
  • The safety includes growing, testing, washing, cleaning, packing and processing and more.
  • More and better vegetables are being developed and grown locally as well as commercially all over the world.
  • Policies that encourage families and community to eat more vegetables are on the rise.
  • more people we met are vegetarian than ever before…


New Photography Coming


Super duper news!  I had a nice offer from my next door neighbor Melinda, a fine arts photographer whose amazing work can be seen here-
















She loves vegetables and is a food photographer; helping me make these blog photos more professional, especially the recipe, food education ones. It will be easy peasy to see which work is hers and which is till mine!

United Fresh workshops 2


Ceiling Security cameras — who knew the mining of data that groceries stores can get from their ceiling cameras? I know now–

Data+metrics= insight

  • Store Traffic
  • Shopping time from store entry to exit
  • Store “hot” zones Like end caps and aisle “blockers”
  • navigation time
  • Time spent in each store zone i.e dairy, floral, bakery etc
  • traffic flow direction
  • security
  • employee theft
  • shopper leakage ( those who come in to buy but leave without buying anything)
  • timeliness of fresh produce to the shelf for customer purchase
  • How often freezer doors are opened or do they just look though glass
  • customers using tastings, store flyers, coupons, fancier kiddie carts, etc.
  • and more….


United Fresh 2012 workshops


Some other food retailing events happened concurrently with United Fresh–FMI2012 where I had an opportunity to attend this enlightening  workshop –

Know Your Customer

The Business Side of Social Media
Dallas Ballroom, Omni Hotel
Tuesday, May 1, 2012
10:00 a.m. – 11:15 a.m.

The world of Facebook and Twitter goes far beyond simple messages between friends. Increasingly it is becoming a fantastic communication and relationship-building tool for both customers and associates. Learn how businesses like yours can create strategies to build stronger bonds and selling opportunities with shoppers through a new in-depth study from the Coca-Cola Retailing Research Council. This session will outline steps a company of any size must consider to build a robust and useful social media strategy that can lead to sales, customer loyalty and even improved associate communication.

Moderator: Michael Sansolo, President, Sansolo Solutions, and Research Director, Coca-Cola Retailing Research Council of North America
Panelists: Jerry Golub, President and CEO, Price Chopper Supermarkets
J.K. Symancyk, Chief Operating Officer, Meijer, Inc.
Jesse Spencer, Social Media Manager, The Integer Group
Catherine Green Burns, President, Food Lion, Harveys and Reid’s

Some of the interesting points and comments I heard from panelists at this event:

  • You can’t control what customers say on Twitter, It’s like a window or a megaphone right in the soul of your brand
  • You can end up competing with your own .com
  •  Those who manage you social media, need to be the best “truest” version of your brand, who is that spokesperson and what are the implications for your content?
  • Decide how you will interact with real time incidents and and feedback, positive e and negative
  • Amazing how powerful it is when your customers want to build your brands
  • The challenge is keeping up with the ever evolving expanding platforms
  • Understanding the persona of the social media communicator/facilitator

Lots of great free marketing trend/networking advice  from CocaCola researchers… on their graphic–

United Fresh Produce 2012 Convention


I had a wonderful opportunity yesterday and today to to attend the United Fresh Produce  trade show/ convention to learn about the innovations in produce processing , storage, food safety,etc. I also got a chance to sample beautiful produce from distributors and smaller growers. Waiting for the show to open I saw retailers, large grocery store chains, school administration, nursing home and hospital care execs. In fact, hundreds of people who are concerned for the produce industry. There will be several articles upcoming this week on the workshops I attended and the producers and growers I met.