product review: Wellness mat, your sore feet will thank you-


I bought myself one of these wellness mats for my kitchen over a year ago and then I bought a second one, It alleviates so much back and knee pain from standing on my ceramic tile floor and chopping veggies for hours.

This picture is of someone else’s, mine are three times this long. I use them to make the “L” shape of all my countertops where I knead bread, chop veggies and even under the sink where I do dishes.

I am so crazy about them! Every woman who stands in my kitchen adores them. My first was the plain surface and the second one has a design, It is more about the utility for me. My husband bought me a smaller one from another company and there just isn’t enough padding. so it is under the stove. I probably will replace it soon with one that matches better.

I saw Cat Cora stand on this for over an hour in spike heels without even a dent. Amazing. I know she doesn’t weigh that much being so petite and all, but still, spiky heels, really spiky.

I like the plain industrial style, my kitchen is not that fancy, but now they are making covers for them and more patterns and colors, whoopee!

Treat yourself to one.  Really. You. Will. Thank. Me.