Rainbow cauliflowers


I didn’t taste these at the produce show, But I have bought them before. We are such foodies that we will try most any vegetable that is new. Love the color on these. They taste the same and cook the same as regular cauliflower but add such pizazz to your salads.

One of my favorite cauliflower sales is a cold crunchy one. You just take the cauliflower. make flowerettes and then slice them about 1/4″ thick. Toss the slices with ranch dressing and some curry powder to taste. It is a great make ahead sale because it can sit in the fridge even overnight and just tastes better the next day. With these fancy cauliflowers it would be a vibrant white, green, and lavendar!

Strawberry Heaven


As you can imagine the sample berries at the United Fresh 2012 convention were exquisite. While speaking with the Well-Pict people learned so much about their farms and the proprietary breeding programs that lead to these glossy, red all the way through, beauties.

Their berries are available year round and  are grown bi-coastal in the US. They work hard to provide a superior product that is available in most area supermarkets. I am sure you are already familiar with them.

They also have organic strawberries in limited markets.

Well-Pict has maintained a strong Florida presence to ensure consistently reliable supply of quality winter berries. They were sampling and I had to back away from the big bowls towing over with huge dark red berries! I buy these berries year round for my personal and business use. Great product, I endorse wholeheartedly. They have raspberries too.

United Fresh 2012 musings…


Well, the three of us learned several encouraging things at this convention.

  • There are some wonderful companies out there working hard to ensure the safety of our fresh vegetable supply, since that is so much of what we eat around here, that makes us happy.
  • The safety includes growing, testing, washing, cleaning, packing and processing and more.
  • More and better vegetables are being developed and grown locally as well as commercially all over the world.
  • Policies that encourage families and community to eat more vegetables are on the rise.
  • more people we met are vegetarian than ever before…


United Fresh workshops 2


Ceiling Security cameras — who knew the mining of data that groceries stores can get from their ceiling cameras? I know now–

Data+metrics= insight

  • Store Traffic
  • Shopping time from store entry to exit
  • Store “hot” zones Like end caps and aisle “blockers”
  • navigation time
  • Time spent in each store zone i.e dairy, floral, bakery etc
  • traffic flow direction
  • security
  • employee theft
  • shopper leakage ( those who come in to buy but leave without buying anything)
  • timeliness of fresh produce to the shelf for customer purchase
  • How often freezer doors are opened or do they just look though glass
  • customers using tastings, store flyers, coupons, fancier kiddie carts, etc.
  • and more….


United Fresh Produce 2012 Convention


I had a wonderful opportunity yesterday and today to to attend the United Fresh Produce  trade show/ convention to learn about the innovations in produce processing , storage, food safety,etc. I also got a chance to sample beautiful produce from distributors and smaller growers. Waiting for the show to open I saw retailers, large grocery store chains, school administration, nursing home and hospital care execs. In fact, hundreds of people who are concerned for the produce industry. There will be several articles upcoming this week on the workshops I attended and the producers and growers I met.